PROBIOTICS GIVEAWAY! Enter to win 1 year of kids probiotics!
The last day to enter is June 14, 2019 11:59 PM PDT
Better than the competition!
Ordering these probiotics has been such a better experience than with the Culturelle for kids chewable probiotic that both my kids hated. My son is 11 and can swallow even large pills. My 8 year old daughter is still new to pill swallowing. She struggled to swallow this tiny sphere the first day. Not sure why. When I finally poured her cider instead of water she did swallow it up. Honestly I think she just liked having it in her mouth because it doesn't taste bad at all. I was the first Guinea pig. Since that first day she has had no problems swallowing the tiny sphere. My kids have had no increase in gas and no new bouts of constipation, which is a typical struggle. If I had a single supplement to give my kids I'd skip the multivitamin and go straight for a quality probiotic. Gut health is even more interconnected with overall body health than we realize.

SUGAR FREE + amazing
A probiotic for kids without SUGAR!!! I'm a big fan of LoveBug products, and thrilled they have probiotics for my children now as well. This is the probiotic I give to my own, "Little one". She's 4 years old and this is the first time I've given her a probiotic. Each bottle comes with 60 super tiny little spheres. I think it says on the bottle that they're 6mm. That's actually smaller than you realize and really easy for my daughter to swallow. It's a pressed sphere rather than a capsule, it's almost like a super tiny pearl. It has all the best strains that you look for in a children's probiotic, but 15x more survivable than most products out there which are chewables. I LOVE that there is no sugar in LoveBug's probiotics. Most of the stuff out there is gummy candies which get caught in teeth and cause cavities when you take them to the dentist.

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. The more you share, the higher your chances of winning. The winners are chosen by who has the most points.
Love these probiotics!
I got these probiotics for my daughter, who often struggles with digestion issues. Making sure she gets quality probiotics into her system is very important to me. She is also in kindergarten and so her immune system needs plenty of support, and we know how critical gut health is for that. 

I like these probiotics. They are small and easy for my kids to swallow.

Five stars!
I bought these probiotics for my seven years old daughter who often has an upset tummy and gets lots of tummy bugs from school. These probiotics are very well packaged and gastro-resistant. They are tiny, and have an orange flavor. My daughter liked them. I will buy them again.